WOTC is one of the leading Indian exporters and suppliers of confectionery, cookies and many other food products. William Overseas Trading Corporation has many satisfied clients all over the US, UK and many other European countries. Among all the food products we supply and export, one of our specialties is confectioneries and baked products. WOTC also provides labelling facility for these products.

Choose WOTC- One of the best Indian Exporters and suppliers of Confectionery, Cookies and Candies

WOTC has a worldwide reputation for supplying and exporting quality products in all categories. Wanna know how we became one of the leading Indian exporters and suppliers of confectionery? It’s because we supply and export products made of the finest quality ingredients. We also have many satisfied customers around the world who will tell you the same.

Confectionery & Chocolate

People of all age groups love confectionery and chocolate. It is especially loved by children.  Indian exporters and suppliers of confectioneryChocolate is also a very significant ingredient used worldwide for baking cakes, pudding and whipping up many desserts. WOTC is a supplier and exporter of premium quality chocolates. Under the section of chocolates itself, we offer Plain Chocolate Slabs, Caramel Chocolate, Chocolate bars and industrial chocolate.


Indian exporters and suppliers of confectioneryBesides chocolates, we also undertake export and supply of various candies, some of which are Eclairs, lollipops, hard boiled candies, milk toffees, coffee blended candies, fruit candies, hard boiled candies and much more candies in various flavors.



Biscuits & Wafers

Wafer Exports: WOTC caters and exports biscuits and wafers. Wafers are melt-in-the-mouth tasty, thin, crispy Indian exporters and suppliers of confectionery- WOTC wafer exporters indialayers of biscuits layered with a flavored cream. WOTC supplies wafer rolls, chocolate flavored or cream filled wafers.



Indian exporters and suppliers of confectionery- WOTC biscuits suppliers and exporters IndiaBiscuits Exporting: Besides wafers, biscuits too are exported. Some of the biscuits which form part of our exports are glucose biscuits, malt n milk biscuits, cream biscuits in chocolate and various other flavors like fruit and vanilla cookies.






Cookies, Premium Short bread & crackers

Who doesn’t love cookies and short breads? Cookies and shortbreads will always be everybody’s Indian exporters and suppliers of confectionery- cookies and shortbreads exporting from Indiaall-time-favorite indulgent treat. Also crackers are the perfect savory snack after a long tiring day. WOTC is a leading supplier of cookies, premium shortbreads and crackers of many flavors.

1.Cookies: Under the category of cookies we usually supply and export are chocolate chip cookies, chocolate filled cookies, ginger snap cookies, butter cookies and vanilla sandwich cookies.

Just like different flavored cookies, cookies of different shapes are also exported. One such example is “Animal Shaped cookies”, which are well liked by children. All the cookies we export are made of the finest of ingredients-the best butter and premium quality cocoa powder and baked to perfection! We also use premium packaging so the cookies taste fresh as if they were just prepared a moment before.

wotc shortbreads exporters2. Shortbreads: A very tasty, crunchy and flaky type of cake-cookies that literally melts in your mouth with its buttery flavor, shortbreads are the go to refreshing treats for parties and events. It is much loved by everyone around the world.

3. Crackers: WOTC is one of the topmost companies exporting and supplying salted crackers, mini crackers, savory sour cream and onion mini crackers, ranch crackers, cheddar cheese crackers and cream crackers.