Are you searching for  best crude palm oil wholesale exporters in India? Williamson Overseas Trading Corporation(WOTC) offers best ever crude palm oil available in the world. Blog post about crude palm oil wholesale exporters in India brings an  short idea about the same.

crude palm oil wholesale exporters-best is WOTCcrude-palm-oil-wholesale-exporters

Crude palm oil is  obtained by hot pressing oil palm fruit at temperatures of 90-120 c.  It is a edible oil which is taken out from the pulp of fruit of oil palms. Crude palm oil wholesale process have include  many steps.

Crude palm oil or CPO is different from Crude Palm Kernel Oil.  In addition, it is completely different from coconut oil. It is usually supplied in barells and in flexi-tanks in containers. Crude palm oil is genuinely similar to pulp color. Because it contains high inactive vitamin A content.  Regularly it is  mixed with coconut oil to make highly sodden vegetable fat. It is very useful for cooking purposes.

crude palm oil- main Usages

CPO is mainly used for cooking purposes and is widely used in South-East Asia, West Africa and some parts of Brazil.  Industrially,  crude palm oil is used for making soaps, toothpaste, cosmetics, waxes, lubricants and ink. Moreover it is used for manufacturing bio diesel and one of it’s by product is Glycerin.

Largest producer of CPO is Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria and Columbia. They are major exporters of palm oil. India is net importer of Crude Palm Oil and Mumbai being one of the major trading centers.

We source crude palm oil from various Asian countries and supply to various countries.