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In frozen food exporters India list, Williamson Overseas Trading Corporation is known as a major supplier of Frozen foods like black tiger prawns, scampi, vannamei, karikadi amrine shrimps, pooovalan, pullan, deep sea red shrimps, brown shrimps, deep sea lobster, squid, octopus, cuttlefish, various fishes like yellow fin tuna, pomfret, ribbon fish, reef cod, seafood mix from various parts of India; chicken, mutton, chicken feet or chicken paws from India, Europe and Asia and frozen vegetables like french fries in various varieties.


Frozen Food Exporters India

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  • Frozen fishes
  • Frozen crustaceans
  • Frozen cephalopods
  • Frozen vegetables
  • Frozen French fries
  • Freeze dried Jack fruit
  • Frozen Chicken feet/ paws

Export Quality Frozen Seafood by WOTC

You have reached seafood exporters website. Williamson Overseas Trading Corporation is one of the few frozen seafood exporters in Kerala and notably one of the leading frozen seafood company in India. WOTC is now a general trading company with main focus on Frozen seafood or frozen seafood products. They regularly supply to wholesale seafood suppliers, seafood wholesale distributors and frozen seafood distributors across the globe.

WOTC – No. 1 Frozen Seafood Suppliers India

WOTC – Williamson Overseas Trading Corporation is number 1 Frozen Seafood Suppliers India supplies best quality frozen seafood to food processing companies, wholesalers, frozen fish importers, hotel networks for last many years. WOTC has many satisfied clients from, Europe, Vietnam, Australia, UK, US and Canada. WOTC supplies many varieties of sea fish & fresh water fish, shrimps, cuttlefish, squid and octopus highly demanded by food importing companies. We are leading suppliers for sea fish items like red snapper, baby octopus, Deep sea red shrimps, Karikadi marine shrimps, Poovalan, Yellow fin Tuna, ribbon fish etc.

Certified Frozen Seafood Supply

WOTC supplies seafood from frozen seafood suppliers India who are HACCP, US FDA, BRC, ISO, GMP certified. Feel free to contact WOTC if you are looking for frozen food exporters in India.

Frozen Seafood Export & Supply by Online orders

You can order frozen seafood online through our website www.wotc.in. We supply seafood products like Vannamei, Black tiger, Karikadi, Poovalan, Jumbo prawns or scampi, ribbon fish, Yellow fin Tuna, Skipjack tuna, Loligo Squid, Baby octopus, Deep sea red shrimps, Cuttle fish, Blue swimming crab, red snapper  etc.