Williamson’s Overseas Trading Company

Industrial Supplies,Other Goods & Services


Williamson Overseas Trading Corporation supplies wide range of Industrial Supplies to various industries. We supply machines and equipment, rubber products, metal scraps, chemicals, stainless steel sheets and pipes, industrial gloves, surgical gloves etc. There is nothing WOTC cannot source and supply. and it is evident from the fact that we supply coal, coconut fiber root trainers to wind mills, robotic car parking systems, watercraft and business jets.

Terms & Conditions

  • R&D, Patent technology transfer
  • Oil processing,milling and packing machines
  • Industrial fans
  • Industrial filters (solid-liquid seperation)
  • Industrial dryers
  • Steam (Non coking) Coal
  • Ethanol or Power alcohol
  • Perforated sheet & metal screens
  • Denatured spirit & rectified spirit
  • Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA)
  • Metal Scraps- HMS & Copper scraps
  • Metal pipes & fittings
  • Sulphur
  • Zinc Concentrate
  • Special metals
  • Fly ash
  • Medical supplies, medical equipments & instruments
  • Raw Gypsum powder
  • Manganese ore
  • Aluminium Bars
  • Billets
  • Aluminium ingots and copper ingots
  • Cooper cathode & copper millberry
  • Lithium Ion Battery
  • Solar power plants and solar panels
  • Industrial Chemicals
  • Industrial floorings
  • Preowned or used Aircrafts
  • Ships and Watercrafts
  • Bitumen
  • Marine paints
  • Rubber mats and matting