It is important to know waht Mazut is before we know what Mazut M 100 is. Mazut is heavy, poor quality fuel oil, and was commonly used in waste oil heaters or waste oil furnace. Mazut was used to heat houses in the late Soviet Union and far east countries. The Mazut M100 is little bit different from the Mazut oil as it is made to Russian GOST specifications like 10585-75 and 10585-99. Mazut 100 -75 VLS and Mazut 100-99 is now  same as GOST merged the old classifications into a new seven grade classification, all under Mazut 100-99.For what ever reason some people particularly Chinese use the old 75 classification.

Mazut M100 is mainly produced in Russian Federation, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Venezuela. Mazut is made from the left overs of the crude oil processing and it is made from less quantity sulphur raw oil. These are generally used for steaming bigger boilers as there is high content of BTU. Due to several reasons only a limited volume of Mazut M100 oil is available.

Mazut M100 is differentiated based on variations in sulphur content and there are four types and those are:

  • Very low sulphur (less than 0.5% of sulphur content)
  • Low sulphur (0.5% – 1.0% of sulphur content)
  • Normal sulphur (1.0% – 2.0% of sulphur content)
  • High sulphur (2.0% – 3.5% of sulphur content)

Mazut M100 suppliers

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