Product Description

Octopus is defined as a sea monster in many stories and myths. Every living organism have their own food searching and eating styles. Octopus can rapidly alter its body shape because its is an invertebrate. Its respiration and locomotion is through siphon. The shape and structure of octopus are quite scary may be that why in stories and myths they defined it as sea monster. The octopus defend predators by many ways like, ejecting some kind of ink, ability to hide fast and fast moving. Octopus is a good food item for everyone. In many restaurants octopus food items are available. Octopus exports in India provide fresh octopus to all over the world.

Octopus Nutrition Value

The octopus flesh contains less fat compare to other seafood. It contain many key nutrients and vitamins like vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is very important for human body because human body is not producing by itself. Deficiency of this vitamin can cause many severe issues like, stomach ulcers, Pernicious anemia, mouth ulcer etc

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