Product Description

The Best Basmati Rice Exporting Company in India

WOTC is one of the most popular Basmati Rice Exporting company in India. We supply best quality Basmati rice to almost all parts of the world. All most all varieties of Basmati rice is being exported. We ensure quality and it is the secret behind the company’s success and popularity across the Globe.

Basmati Rice is mostly known for its long, slender-grained and its aromatic feature. It is traditionally from the Indian subcontinent. No doubt the main exporters is India. The exporting rate is about 59% of the overseas Basmati Market. We deals with almost all varieties of basmati rice, that too best in aroma and taste.

Basmati rice – Aroma and Flavor

There is a secret behind the enchanting aroma of this rice. It is the aroma compound known as 2-acetyl-1-pyrroline. Unlike other varieties, basmati stands out in its distinctive spicy fragrance and flavor. The reason is its grains carries about 0.09 ppm of the aromatic chemical compound. This is about 12 times greater when compared with other non-basmati rice varieties.

Uses of Basmati Rice

Basmati Rice is the best quality rice among white rices. It is mainly used in Indian dishes such as pulaos and Biriyanis. It gives an distinctive aromatic flavor and a special feel to our dishes. Basmati rice when cooked, gives a completely different look. It is like each grains separated with a light and fluffy result. We ensure the best quality of grains of Basmati rice.

Basmati Rice and Health

WTOC is the best Basmati Rice exporting company in India. We ensures you the most secure and best quality Food products. The nutritional Benefits in the Basmati rice we exports is enough to prove it. The rice is rich in carbohydrates and proteins. Moreover the content of fat is too low. It is beneficial for patients and dieting process. It also contains vitamins, fibres and minerals. When compared with grain rice plain, basmati rice is low in calories.

The main health benefits are:

  1. Prevent cancer cells especially prevent colon cancer.
  2. Suitable for diabetics.
  3. Suitable for diet program.
  4. High fibre in basmati rice than other rice
  5. Overcoming constipation.
  6. Prevent hemorrhoids.
  7. Controlling cholesterol and reduce heart disease risk.
  8. Healthy heart.
  9. Helps to maintain ideal weight.
  10. Prevent diabetic risk

Nutrional Value of Basmati Rice

WOTC, the leading Basmati rice company in India. It stand out from other companies in terms of Quality. Basmati rice is not only highly aromatic, but also rich in nutritional value.

White Basmati Rice calories and Nutrition per serving (1 serving/75g)

Calories 262
Protein 6.1
Carbohydrate 57.8
Fat 0.5
Fibre 1.7
Alcohol 0