Product Description

Granite Exporting Company in India

WOTC (Williamson Overseas Trading Corporation) is a exporting company to supply you very luxurious,natural, beautiful and alluring granite. And many other natural and amazing stones like marble etc. Granite, tiles, stones can draw near nature with the use and construction of your home.Granite never lose its natural beauty and it looks same forever. Now WOTC has achieved best granite exporting company in India. We satisfy our client and customers need and dreams.


Granite Exporting Company In India

Granite is a type of intrusive igneous rock. Granite is the combination of rock and quartz in the ration of 2:6 respectively by volume. It is unique, hard and very massive and impermeable to water and heat etc. Even world’s first temple is fully made up of granite. They are different type, textures and colors in granite. Granite is used most widely for building purposes,because it has very strong lasting anti-weathering feature. Different type and shades of granite are available now. Many temples in South India are a made of granite.

People love to build dream home. Most people love nature and they try to implement natural things in their home. It feel more attachment with nature and bring a natural beauty to their dream home. Granite give you more luxurious feelings in your home.

Features 0f Granite

  • Second hardest material on earth.
  • High durability.
  • Aesthetical beauty (Natural).
  • Weather, Heat and Water resistant.
  • Unique and elegant.
  • Scratch proof.

Uses of Granite

  • Flooring
  • Monument- long lasting
  • Decorative Aggregates
  • Entryways
  • Floor Tiles
  • Interior Decoration
  • Bath vanity tops
  • Kitchens
  • Stair Treads
  • Swimming Pools
  • Office Buildings
  • Resorts
  • Bridges

Why WOTC is the best granite exporting company in India?

We give good customer relationship and providing the best quality natural granite and other products. We satisfy our clients needs and assure the quality of the granite. And the most important thing is, we give best granite in very reasonable price.

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