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Mud Crab Exporters India

WOTC the best Mud Crab Exporters India. We offers fresh mud crab in high quality with affordable cost. WOTC collects mud crabs from considerable places in India by crab catchers. We exports

Mud crab exporters india

Mud Crab

Mud Crab is often called Scylla serrata, mangrove crab or black crab. Mud crab is a commercially important breed of crab. Which are commonly found in mangroves of Africa, Australia and Asia. In their most frequent form, the shell colour differs from a deep, mottled green to very dark brown. It widely occur in saline land with warm temperature.

Green Mud Crab

The green mud crab is the most common and has been know to grow to over 3 kilograms and have a shell width of more than 25 centimeters. It’s “elbow” has more than one prominent sharp spine, and it claws are usually dark green to purple.

Brown Mud Crab

The brown mud crab only grows to about half the size of  green mud crab, but it is more combative. It’s “elbow” has one small round spine or no spines at all.  Its claws are usually light brownish orange.


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