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Red Shrimps Exporters India

Red Shrimps Exporters India – WOTC

We, ‘Williamson Overseas Trading Corporation‘ are the exporters of good quality seafood products as per the requirements. We are the best Red Shrimps Exporters India and we will focused on exporting high quality red shrimps to the specified countries. We can assure about the freshness of our Red shrimps because they are stored in standard conditions and hygienic containers. Red shrimps supplied by WOTC are fresh for a longer period of time and juicy in taste. We will sure about the quality of our Red shrimps that will not be rotten or stale and which can easy to cook. We are happy to serve you and red shrimps can be acquired in bulk from us.

Benefits Of Red Shrimps

Red Shrimps are otherwise called Cherry shrimps with a scientific name Neocaridina davidi var. Red shrimps have a beautiful deep red color with a firm structure and a mouth wandering taste. They are rich, cheesy lobster with sumptuous mussels. Red shrimps are one of the most versatile ingredients in menus and are prized for their size, tender texture, and mild flavor. They are high demanded quality product in the seafood industries. It is one of the most favourite food for people which is easy to cook and delicious in taste. It is healthier than any other food products and rich in proteins. The important factor about Red shrimps are, they only require half cooking time and and zero added salt to them. It is a low-fat food with wide range of health benefits. Red shrimps are low in saturated fat and provides nutrients such as vitamin B12, vitamin E, niacin and omega-3 fatty acids which helps to lose weight.

Services From WOTC

We have been providing an excellent service in the exporting field. We will make sure the quality and safety of our products while shipping. We have trained professional staffs in our team to provide our service at any time. We can proudly says that we are the best Red shrimps exporters India because of the best quality Red shrimps that we provided.