Product Description

Product Description

Ribbon fish, comes under the family Trachypteridae, It is named because of its slim, ribbon-like appearance. Typically, they live in deep water. It can be easily identified by its anatomy- long, compressed, ribbon like body and short head. It’s length is usually 5 to 8 metre and sometimes 20 metre long ribbon fish is also found. These are long-bodied fishes occur in all the major oceans. Ribbon fish is available in all restaurants as it is a common fish. WOTC – Ribbon Fish Exports in India delivers fresh ribbon fish to the customers.

Ribbon Fish Nutrition Value

Ribbon fish is a protein rich food item. 100 g of Ribbon fish contains 910 g protein in it.

Health benefits

Good for your heart

Including ribbon fish on your diet reduces heart problems. It reduces the amount of cholesterol in blood.


Since it is an oil rich food, it can keep your eyes bright and healthy. Ribbon fish helps you to reduce most of your eye problems.

Joint Benefits

Including Ribbon fish in your balanced diet will reduce arthritis. It is really good for our bones too.

Boosting brain power

Researches indicated that people who include Ribbon fish in their food are less likely to suffer from memory problems.

Essential nutrients

It provides the body with most essential nutrients like protein, iodine, zinc, potassium etc.

Why You Should Choose Ribbon Fish Exports in India?

WOTC – Ribbon Fish Exports in India deliver fresh quality food all over the world. We ensure hygiene as well as the quality of the fish. Our products will be delivered as per client’s requirement and takes very less delivery time. Our product undergoes various quality tests during the processing. We have years of experience and full the customers requirements. Contact  WOTC – Ribbon Fish Exports in India to confirm your order.