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Solar power plant Suppliers India


Solar power plant Suppliers India

WOTC (Williamson Overseas Trading Corporation) is a Solar power plant Suppliers based on Cochin, Kerala, South India. WOTC –  Solar power plant Suppliers India,  exports and contributes their major portion of the solar panels across India. We focus on supplying  high quality goods and services as per buyer requirements and specifications. We are now, become a major bulk suppliers on solar power plants in Kerala, India. Solar power plants helps to convert energy from sunlight into electricity. This converstion is by,  using  photovoltaics (PV) or indirectly by using concentrated solar power. The usage of solar panels has increased day by day. Now,  India’s solar growth has become  idle for developing countries to venture in solar.

Solar Power Panels

Day by day, electricity is becoming expensive. Now, many of them get interested in using solar panels. To meet electricity bills solar panel is the best solution. Government of India is also promoting solar PV systems and also provide subsidy to those who buying solar panels under certain scheme. According to Government rule, to get subsidy you have to purchase the solar panels made in india. Here WOTC Solar power plant Suppliers India,  is there to help you to get high quality Indian made solar panels. Today various solar products are available in market offered by WOTC such as Solar heater, solar cooker, solar fan etc. Solar energy performs multiple function that is in solar cooker,  it works by using heat from sun to cook food and in solar water heater, it aslo works by utilising the heat from the sun.

How the Solar Panel works ?

If you are living in area where there is frequent power cuts, the solar power panels is the best solution. Solar power panels helps to generate electricity in almost every part of the world, the only thing required is sunlight. Sunlight is the most important thing to generate solar energy. The only one process is needed that is to convert solar energy to electricity and the solar panel will do it.

Advantages of solar panels

  • Solar gives you 24 hours electricity.
  • Long lasting.
  • Subsidy from government.
  • Easy Installation
  • Requires little maintenance

Switching to solar energy,  is the best and easiest way to save money and to protect the nature at the same time. Even though solar panels are quite expensive, it gives you 24 hours electricity. Solar energy ( the energy derived from the sun ) is one of the widely used renewable energy source. The most interesting factor is that solar energy helps you to minimize the electricity bills. Only solar panels is expensive, the solar panels are easy to install. The solar panels can be installed on rooftop and it doesnot need any exta space.


WOTC – is the best Solar power plant Suppliers India, offers you high quality solar panels with affordable price. Our mission is to provide very best customer services. The wow factor is that WOTC provide well trained staffs to helps our customers.