Product Description

Soybean Oil, a widely accepted cooking oil is extracted from the seeds of Glycine max (popularly known as Soybean). We at Williamson Overseas trading corporation, one of the best soybean oil exporter India exports different kinds of edible oils and soybean oil is one among them. Soybean exported from WOTC is 100% pure with no chemicals added. This oil is used for cooking, baking as well as in salads. The health benefits offered by this oil are much more compared to other low quality oils.the best Soybean Oil Exporter India

Health benefits of Soybean oil

WOTC, the best soybean oil exporter India, offers the best quality soybean oil rich in Vitamin K and the here go its health benefits:
• It helps to control the Cholesterol levels in your body.
• It can increase your immunity towards various diseases.
• It will keeps your skin and eye healthy.
• High level Vitamin K in the oil, improve the symptom of Alzheimer’s disease.
• It can also strengthen your bone regrowth or quick healing of bone damage.
• Adding soybean oil in foods, will help you make the food healthy with no trans-fat.
• Omega – 3 fatty acid contained in the soybean oil will reduce the heart diseases as well as osteoporosis.
Even though, it offers so many healthy benefits, consuming too much of soybean will be unfavorable to the overall health.

Why consider WOTC as the best soybean oil exporter India?

WOTC, being the best soybean oil exporter India use only good quality soybeans to prepare Soybean oil. The beans are first cracked and it is then adjusted with the moisture content of the environment. Then it is heated to around 60 to 880 Celsius and is rolled and the solvent is extracted. This process is done with utmost care and the professionals at WOTC take much care to maintain the hygiene and quality of the oil throughout the process. Considering our reliable customers, we choose the most sophisticated techniques to process it. Moreover, the price at which we offer this is very reasonable to our customers.