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White Prawn Exporters India

White Prawn Exporters India

Indian White Prawn, scientifically known as Fenneropenaeus indicus is one of the significant commercial prawn species in the world.  It mainly found in India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Southern China, Northern Austria. In India, brackish water aquaculture exists in four maritime states namely West Bengal, Goa, Kerala, and Karnataka. India shrimp farming is practiced during the Rainy (June-September) and Summer (November-April)  season. We are WOTC one of the White Prawn Exporters India.

White Prawn is one of the fast-growing species, especially when young it reached the size of 14 g in 6 weeks. It will grow up to 20 centimeters and 25 grams weight. Colours normally whitish with grey or slightly pinkish color. It tastes like light flavor with slightly salty.

White Prawn-Nutritional Value

White Prawn is low in calorie and fat. It provides 24 g of proteins and 1.2 g of fat and no carbohydrates. It does not affect cholesterol level. Prawns are the good source of amino acid tryptophan, it will help us to maintain balanced sleep patterns. also a good source of vitamin B12, which can protect from health disease. Heath benefits of prawn are the addition of zinc will increase the Leptin Hormone in our body, so that people can avoid the issue of overeating. It also helps problem regarding the anti-aging issue in the skin, because of high-level carotenoid called astaxanthin, which can reduce the aging of skin related UVA and sunlight.

We are WOTC, White Prawn exporters India will provide very clean and good quality items. By using factors like pH value and Oxygen and Salinity level that determine the quality of water for the optimum growth of prawn. We provide secure shipping within the time limit.