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White Prawn Exporters India


White Prawn Exporters India

Indian White Prawn, scientifically known as Fenneropenaeus indicus is one of the significant commercial prawn species in the world.  It mainly found in India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Southern China, Northern Austria. In India, brackish water aquaculture exists in four maritime states namely West Bengal, Goa, Kerala, and Karnataka. India shrimp farming is practiced […]

Tiger Prawns Exporters India – Good Quality Products

Tiger Prawns Exporters India

We are  Tiger Prawns exporters India. We export high quality Tiger Prawn to world around etc.

Tiger Prawns, are the most demanded prawn species in the seafood market. Tiger Prowns  are appreciated and accepted world wide.  It is most favourite seafood of people around the world, because delicious taste. Our Tiger Prawns is very tasty […]

White Pamfret

Yellowfin Tuna Exporters India


About Williamson Overseas Trading Corporation -WOTC

Williamson Overseas Trading Corporation is a merchant exporter and physical commodity trading concern based in India. They deal with the products like Fertilizers, Oil and gas, Edible oils, Industrial supplies, Building materials, Frozen foods  and Beverages. This company consisting of  qualified, experienced and enterprising team of traders, exporters, agents,  associates  and QC’s who are committed to deliver unfailing […]

Ribbon Fish

Product Description

Ribbon fish, comes under the family Trachypteridae, It is named because of its slim, ribbon-like appearance. Typically, they live in deep water. It can be easily identified by its anatomy- long, compressed, ribbon like body and short head. It’s length is usually 5 to 8 metre and sometimes 20 metre long ribbon fish is […]

Black Pamfret