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Spiny Lobster (Rock Lobster )

Spiny Lobster-A Sea Crayfish

Rock Lobster or Spiny Lobster isĀ  a sea crayfish, imported into the United States in the form of frozen tails, frozen cooked meat or frozen canned meat. Spiny lobsters are found in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland,South Africa, and the Bahamas, called crayfish, sea crayfish or crawfish, also known as kreef in South […]

Ribbon Fish

Product Description

Ribbon fish, comes under the family Trachypteridae, It is named because of its slim, ribbon-like appearance. Typically, they live in deep water. It can be easily identified by its anatomy- long, compressed, ribbon like body and short head. It’s length is usually 5 to 8 metre and sometimes 20 metre long ribbon fish is […]


Octopus is defined as a sea monster in many stories and myths. Every living organism have their own food searching and eating styles. Octopus can rapidly alter its body shape because its is an invertebrate. Its respiration and locomotion is through siphon. The shape and structure of octopus are quite scary may be that why […]