Raw Brown Cane Sugar Icumsa 600-1200 Exporters In India

 Raw Sugar exporters in IndiaWilliamson Overseas Trading Corporation (WOTC) is a general trading concern based on  Indian dealing products like Frozen foods, Fertilizers, Industrial supplies, Building materials, Beverages, Oil and gas. Williamson Overseas Trading Corporation provide high quality raw sugar exporting to many countries. Williamson Overseas Trading Corporation(WOTC) is one of corporation that is looking for customers satisfaction.  WOTC also supply large quantities of  Raw sugar from India and Brazil.  Williamson Overseas Trading Corporation is  one of the leading high quality Raw sugar exporters in India and Brazil.  WOTC is a one among the fastest growing raw sugar exporters in India.

Raw sugar is the residue left after the processing of sugarcane. Raw sugar is the product of the first stage of the cane sugar refining process, and as a result it has some very distinctive characteristics. Raw sugar that gives an extra depth to baking and cooking, and even enhances a simple cup of coffee.

 VHP Sugar

vhp sugarBrazilian VHP Sugar is in high demand across the world. VHP means Very High Polarization. It has a polarization between 99° to 99.49°. VHP sugar is mainly used as the raw material for other process. VHP sugar has high sucrose content and its light brown sugar crystals are simpler to refine into white sugar than other raw sugars.  In addition to VHP raw sugar it is still possible to purchase traditional raw sugar, which has undergone very little processing, is a deep brown color with a very sticky texture, and is much lower quality than VHP raw sugar. Among different raw sugar exporters in India, WOTC is one among the highest.

Specifications: vhp

  • polarization: 97.8 degree to 99.2 degree.
    ash content: 0.15 % max.
    color icumsa 600 to 1200 typical.
    solubility: 95%.
    free flowing.
    color: brown.
    radiation: within internationally acceptable limits.
    granulation: 0.6 mm of regular square ( medium size).
    moisture: 0.15% max.
    magnetic particles: 10 mg/k.
    so2: 120 mg/k.
    sulphur dioxide: 60 mg/k min.
    smell: free from unusual or abnormal smells.
    reducing sugar: 0.05% max by weight.
    hpn staph aureus: nil.
    max ps: 2 p.p.m.
    max cu: 3 p.p.m.
    substance structure : solid brown crystal.