Top D2 Gas Oil supplier in India, M/s.Williamson Overseas Trading Corporation is a  supplier of Gasoil D2 from Russia. Refinery abbreviation of Gas oil is D2 which is second distillate from crude oil. It is used without reformers and additives unlike  Automotive Gas Oil, or AGO, the fuel intended for use  in road vehicles like trucks, buses, vans and cars.
D2 is the content of Sulphur. A decade ago US EPA introduced 4% limit to Sulphur in diesel. Later it was discovered that Sulphur extracted from Gasoil can be traded or used for making other products hence the sulphur content was reduced to as little as 0.2% to 0.1%. This reduction has helped to bring down pollution to a certain extent.

D2 is not a normal name now. Russia has regulated production and export of Gas oil with sulfur content 0.2 or more and is now prohibited.

Different Standards Of Gas Oil

ISO introduced a standard and is followed across the globe. US ANSI has introduced its own national standard, Europe introduced national variants for eg. In Germany standard is set by DIN and in Russia it is the GOST 305-82.

Top D2 Gas Oil Supplier In India

Top D2 Gas Oil supplier in India

Williamson Overseas Trading Corporation is  the top D2 gas oil supplier  in India. We can offer Russian Gas Oil 01.-0.2 at competitive rates. We focus business across various countries. WOTC Russian Gas Oil Traders in India ensure prompt supply and good quality products from subsidiaries of refineries or mining companies.

We can supply Gas oil D2  on FOB Rotterdam or FOB Russian ports. Also CIF on Contract. Initial supply or trial will be be Spot or CI Dip and pay.

Interested buyer or their mandates may send request for competitive offers with Company profile, Letter Of Intent with fund proof or ICPO as per ICC. We can arrange up to 100,000 MT per month from top Refineries in Russia immediately to