Sunflower Oil Exporters India

WOTC is the number one sunflower oil exporters and traders from India. We supply Sunflower oil from India and all over the world. Sunflower Oil can be both refined and crude. In recent years there has been an increase in demand for cooking oils like sunflower oil. Sunflower oil is high in vitamin E and low in saturated fat. Hence hybrid sunflower has been developed to meet the growing demand. Sunflower seed oil is made from sunflower seeds. Sunflower oil is obtained through Cold-pressing or expelled-pressing of sunflower seed  under low-temperature. By using less preferred method of chemical solvents like hexane, or expelled pressing.

It is used as frying oil. Many popular snacks like American French Fries, Lays, Ruffles etc  are using Sunflower oil for frying. Refined Sunflower oil is used for high temperature cooking. It is usually in yellow color.

Unrefined sunflower oil is used in dishes. Which can be eaten raw or cooked at low temperature. But will retain its nutrients, flavor and color.

Sunflower is used in Cosmetic formulations as a moisturizer. It also has smoothing properties. The high polemic variety is used for commercial cosmetic formulation. Because it gives longer shelf life.

Crude Sunflower seed oil is also a great source of biodiesel. It can be mixed with diesel. Mid-polemic and High-polemic sunflower oils are found. This is to produce better quality biodiesel.

WOTC: Top Sunflower Oil Exporters India

 Sunflower Oil Exporters IndiaWilliamson Overseas Trading Corporation is a leading Sunflower Oil Exporters India. WOTC can supply Sunflower oil from Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle east etc. It provides services on affordable rates. We have good contacts with suppliers in those countries. We can export high quality sunflower oil to the required country. This is from processing plants and oil refinerys. Exporting is done  in flexible tanks and consumer packs with custom labeling. Minimum order quantity is 500 MT. We supplies export quality sunflower oil with good standards. We have various certifications of food processing companies  and hotel networks. As a best sunflower oil supplier in India, WOTC leads in the list of top trading and exporting company for sunflower seed oil and other edible oils.