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Urea pours out nitrogen in to soil which is from that point taken in by the plants to promote growth.  Next productivity of the soil and enriches its nutrient constituency. Urea N 46 is used as a part of the most well-known rural agricultural corps in all around the globe.

How does Urea N 46 work

Once put on to the soil, urea breaks up into ammonium form and this is based on soil moisture. Usually it’s just a few days before plants can effectively use the nitrogen. The net effect is to produce an acid reaction.

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Point’s over other  fertilizers likewise low cost of production, no harm to soil and  offering more secure to ship and transport.

Urea ranks as the most  when used in related amount through constant strategy. Urea works well for all corps and increase the yields. As it is an excellent source of nitrogen and nitrogenous compounds


Our Urea N 46 combined by the nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium mix for more advanced root strength. Urea Fertilizer Suppliers India trading Urea N 46 as prills or granules.


Nitrogen: 46% min.
Moisture: 0.5% max.
Biuret: 1.4 % max.
Granulation: 2 – 4 mm 90-94 % min.
Melting Point: 132 Degrees Celsius
Colour: Standard White or Pure White
Radiation: Non – Radioactive
Free Ammonia: 160pxt ppm max.
Free Flowing, Long lasting, Surface treated against caking, 100% Free from harmful substances,

Urea Fertilizer Suppliers India -Urea N 46 Exporters in India


Urea N 46 can be used in many forms; it can be spread in alone or  mix with normal fertilizer. Urea can be applied as a foliar spray on crops.

Urea N 46  spread rates will affect by farm type, atmosphere and soil type. If properly applied, Urea are excellent sources of crop production.

Do’s and don’ts

  • Store separately from ammonium nitrate.
  • Do not use small, fast-moving augers to move the urea.
  • Do not exceed a spreading width of 50 feet when urea is applied.
  • Do not place in direct contact with corn seed.
  • Apply urea on sod crops.