Headon Vannamei Exporters India

We are Headon Vannamei Exporters India. We export high quality Vannamei shrimps (HLSO, EZP, PND, PDTO, CTO, CPND) to Europe, South East Asia etc.

Headon Vannamie Shrimps, are the most demanding prawn species in the seafood market. Vannamie shrimps or prawns are appreciated and accepted world wide.  It is the favourite seafood of people around the world, because of it’s unique flavour and sweet taste. Our Headon Vannamie is very tasty and good in quality. The Headon Vannamie Shrimps have huge demand in hotels as well as restaurants and other sea food industries. WOTC offer Headon Vannamie at best prices and packaging. 

Health Benefits of Headon Vannamei shrimps

Red Shrimp (Pleoticus muelleri)Headon Vannamie Shrimps are not only very tasty, but the nutritional values and health benefits are also very high. They are rich in proteins and antioxidants like ‘astaxanthin’. ‘Astaxanthin’ is a beauty nutrient, that can protect the skin from premature ageing. Headon Vannamie Shrimps provide, cancer fighting minerals to your diet. They are a good source of Zinc, Vitamin D and Vitamin B3. Zinc helps to maintain ‘Leptin‘ hormone which controls the food carvings and over eating. If you wish to reduce your body weight, shrimps are the best food as it’s a carbohydrate free food.

Good Quality Headon Vannamei shrimps

We are exporting very clean and top quality Vannamei. For maintaining the quality, we start from the shrimp farm itself. We maintain good water quality for the optimum growth and survival of shrimps. Good water quality is characterised by factors like, pH level of water,  Salinity, Temperature and adequate oxygen dissolved in waterWe will make sure that our products are shipping correctly to the right hands within the time limit

WOTC is an international bulk traders of  variety of quality products. We are collecting products from various reliable producers around the world. We always look forward to have a good and long term business relation, with our clients from both buyers and suppliers. 

We would like to offer as follows. Kindly work and revert at the earliest.

1 x 40 Frozen Headon Vannamei Shrimps

Packing : 6 x 2 Kg (JUMBLE PACK) / 6 x 1 Kg NET WT (TRAY PACK)


1500 -/2000 cases

Shipment : Before 25th June or with 10 days, after receiving 20% advance

20/30 20
30/40 30
40/50 30
50/60 10
60/70 10