Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Suppliers (ULSD) in India

Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Suppliers


Williamson Overseas Trading Corporation (WOTC) supply Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) with a maximum sulfur content of 10 ppm or Shale 61 on freight on board (FOB) basis from the Jebel Ali Port, Middle East. We can also provide logistic services from the port to the buyers.
Interested Ready, Willing and Able buyers can contact us with their letter of intent (LOI) as per International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) norms.
We at WOTC are able to provide an immediate delivery service to the customers.

Why ULSD fuel: –
The US government, the European Union and many other countries now require the petroleum industry to produce Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel(ULSD) fuel, to reduce the emission level of sulfur (a major contributor of air pollution) from diesel engines and vehicles.
ULSD has replaced more than 80% Low Sulfur Diesel (LSD-with 500 ppm of sulfur content) in the highway diesel produced or imported into the US Economy, as par with the US Environmental protection Agency (EPA) standard.
Due to environmental and public health awareness worldwide, vehicle manufacturers are producing motor vehicles with improved engine which operates on ULSD fuels only.
ULSD is playing a vital role in improving air quality by reducing harmful emission, and is the diesel for the 21st century.

Prevent Air Pollution; Save Human Race; Use ULSD!!

Why Williamson Overseas Trading Corporation (WOTC):-

  • WOTC have more than one and a half decade experience in importing and exporting business with ‘unfailing quality’ and commitment to ‘customer satisfaction’ – Our Success Mantra
  • WOTC service network spread all around the globe – Asia, Africa, US, European Union, Middle East etc.
  • Better price, best quality and prompt delivery is assured by WOTC.
  • WOTC provide a very cleaner-burning diesel fuel with 10 parts-per-million (ppm) sulfur content.

With simplicity and dedication, we wish to extend our humble service to your esteemed organization and hope; it would be possible to establish a long standing business relationship between us.