Granular and Prilled Urea N46 Exporting Company – WOTC

Supplier featuresPrilled Urea N46

Williamson Overseas Trading Corporation(WOTC) is an Indian based exporting company capable of offering Fertilizers from Iran, Russia, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan . We are doing the activities related to marketing and distribution of products like fertilizers, oil and gas, frozen foods and beverages etc..  We can offer high quality Russian origin  Prilled Urea N46 directly from foremost manufacturers.

Price idea as on (4-4-2016 )USD 220/T FOB Baltic in Bulk packing. Prepayment to Manufacturer which is Public sector undertaking necessary as is usual for first time buyers.

If you need SCO please send us your CP + Letter of intent with BCL or proof of funds, logistics enabling us to proceed. Genuine buyers or their agent need only contact.

Its a Genuine offer and we do not wish to waste our time offering to Joker Brokers/ scammers. They shall be duly reported.

Product Features

Urea is a most popular world wide using nitrogenous fertilizer. Urea contains 46% of nitrogen content . Urea is an ideal nitrogen source for all types of crops like wheat, rice, maize etc..

Properties and Specification of Prilled Urea N46

Chemical Name – Carbamide

prilled urea n46 imageColour – Pure White

Melting point – 132  degrees C

Molecular Weight – 60 amu

Nitrogen Content – 46%

Biuret Content – 1%

Free Ammonia –  160 pxt ppm

Moisture – 0.5%

Radiation – Non-radioactive , Free from harmful substances

Prilled urea N46 is relatively safe and chemically stable. It is non-radio active and free from harmful substances. Its storage should be in the absence of heat and moist. When it decomposes, it produce ammonia, hydrogen cyanide , carbon etc.